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In addition to writing, the author, Deborah Young occasionally ventures out into the community to participate in various programs, etc.


Scoop the Poop




Deborah Young has joined the Scoop the Poop campaigns to address the serious human health hazards due to dog poop.  As a result, Deborah Young has written The Poop-Scoop Pledge.  The author is actively contacting various news media to get the word out and encourage every pet owner to take The Poop-Scoop Pledge.  Learn how to conduct a pet waste outreach campaign in your area, watch Scoop the Poop YouTube video


The Poop-Scoop Pledge                                                 

I promise as I walk here and there with my best pal

I will proudly carry a scooper to remove all residual

I will not allow my neighborhood duty to go awry

I promise to be readily observant as we stroll by

I will not harm others with the fecal bacteria group

So, when pal squats to drop piles of poop

I will quickly remove it with a clean swoop

'Cause, I actually care about the public safety, that's no doubt

Believe me; I am so ashamed that it took this long, to shout it out

From this day forward, I will use considerate, discipline

I promise, I'll be a responsible animal lover, thru thick and thin

And, I will encourage others to avoid, committing the same, poop sin

This solemn oath, I will never renege, dilly-dally nor hedge

For, today, I faithfully agree to the crucial, Poop-Scoop Pledge

Copyright By Deborah Young


The Magical Christmas Snowflakes

Deborah Young will teach The Magical Christmas Snowflakes dance the Christmas Swing at the Breakfast with Santa Program, Fifth Ward Houston Public Library - December 6, 2003


The Magical Christmas Snowflakes

Deborah Young will read The Magical Christmas Snowflakes at Fifth Ward Houston Public Library, Children's Storytime - December 16, 2003


"Oh Brothers 
Oh Sistuhs"

Performance of a dramatic scene from Deborah Young's play, Oh Brothers, Oh Sistuhs at the Fifth Ward Multi - Service Center Black History Program  February 14, 2004                                                                                


African American
And Proud

Deborah Young will read her children's African American pride story  Black and Proud at the Fifth Ward Houston Public Library at the Children's  Storytime - February 10, 2004


Poetry Slam

Deborah Young will conduct a Teen Poetry Slam Workshop at the Fifth Ward Houston Public Library, February 28, 2004


Poetry Reading

Deborah Young will perform a Poetry Reading at the Maud Smith Marks Harris County Public Library, April 6, 2004


Poetry Reading

Deborah Young will read her children's Easter story The Great Easter Egg Balloon Drop at the Fifth Ward Houston Public Library at the Children's  Storytime - April 6, 2004




Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


Copyright laws does, protect Deborah Young's works; therefore, they may not be used, copied, distributed, etc., without written, notarized permission from Deborah Young.  Please respect Deborah Young's copyrights so as to avoid swift, costly, legal actions.  Contact Visual Poet