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standing tall and handsome as you do"...


The author, Deborah Young pays homage to fathers.  But, the tallest tribute is graciously made to a man who redefined fatherhood, the author's father, James H. Young, Sr.  The poems The Daddy and Father were specifically written to honor a courageous father, Deborah Young's father. 

Creative Cuisine by Visual Poet, Deborah Young; Daddy’s Luscious Lemon Pound Cake YouTube Video








Visual Poetry Image - Daddy Visual Poem - Daddy                 




Excerpt:  All men will be measured by you

You, standing tall and handsome, as you do

You, setting standards; good, bad or even, new...

Daddy Copyright by Deborah Young


Poem focusing on dads influence on daughters











Visual Poetry Image - The Daddy Visual Poem - Vase For Blue Iris

Blue Iris = Faith, Wisdom and Valor







Visual Poetry Image - The Daddy Visual Poem - Anchor                                   



The Daddy

Daddy, for us, a normal life, you struggled, to provide

You worked graveyard shifts with extreme overtime, regularly, applied

With pride, you endured limited income and mountains of bills, waiting on the side

The worries and frustrations, you cleverly, did hide

And, you handled disappointments, while you prayed for God, to walk, alongside

Daddy, the basic needs, you did, provide

You constructed a large house, surrounded with the best 

Peach, apple, persimmon and cherry trees, worldwide

You made sure balanced meals were prepared, for eight ways, to divide

You clothed us in every fashion; hand-me-downs, polyester, even, tie-dyed

You laid down crystal clear rules, for which, to guide 

There were times we would have sworn, you even sent messages, telepathically

Your long hand of discipline, pretty much, made us toe the line, quickly

And, unequivocally

Daddy, your lessons were heartfelt, meaningful and matter-of-fact

On each of our lives, you definitely, made, an impact

A strong belief in God, you often, did display

You constantly, encouraged us, all, to do, as the Bible, say

You said, abiding the law was the cornerstone for a successful life, the best, way

The boys, you taught and groomed, to be real men

The girls, you instructed, Develop a career, a trade, to tend

You said, For, yourselves, you must always, fend

You said, Upon a man, never, ever, solely, depend

And, you said, If abuse occurs, freedom is yours and your heart, you can mend

Daddy, you set the tone

You were, the daddy and momma to the eight of us, completely, on your own

Some mistakes, you did, make

You occasionally misunderstood, about school supplies, to take

Your creativity, often wasn’t enough for a picky eater, to partake

Your cold remedies were strong, bitter and many groans, were sown

But, just the same, your parental concern, was actually, shown

Daddy, you were the captain and the anchor, of our crew 

You may not have been the daddy, who said, I love you

But for each of us, on cold rainy days, you delivered forgotten warm coats, of every hue

You may not have been the daddy, who knew how to comfort, when one felt sick or blue

But, you did ask, what was ailing, and off, to the doctor, we flew

You may not have been the daddy, who didn’t blunder, a time or two

But, you were the daddy, subject to error, an imperfect being, as we all, adhere to

You were simply, the daddy, who did the best, you knew, to do

Daddy, we appreciate your efforts and the difficulties, you, went through

For that, daddy, we will always, think, of you

And, a vase of blue iris will eternally pay tribute 

To your faith, wisdom and valor; all, knew as true

Daddy, you will forever be, the daddy, none, can ever, compare

Daddy, you were certainly, the daddy, who genuinely, did, care...

The Daddy Copyright by Deborah Young


...you bridged the gap and creatively

Assumed the roles of father and mother

Just as a commanding brigadier

You provided roadmaps

For life's easier steer

Godspeed, Godspeed, father dear

Your presence, we will

Sho' 'nuf, miss, here... 

Godspeed, Father Dear  Copyright 2002 Deborah Young


...your intelligent eyes

Viewed far away needs

As you held back tears

While struggling hard

To plant necessary seeds

Those shoulders were positioned

To carry all eight...

Father Copyright 2000 Deborah Young




© Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


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