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The author's Deborah Young, Poetic Portraits are written words created specifically to describe and or honor individuals, events, special occasions, etc., i.e.; United States President terms in the White House, weddings, Hollywood, New Orleans, Y&R, The Young and the Restless, Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith, Super Bowl XLI, Valentine's Day, graduations, birthdays, eulogies, memorials, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Just Because, Anniversaries, Politics, celebrities, etc.  Check out Diary of a Visual Poet for the destined début of the unbiased 2009 Presidential Poetic Portrait, a Mission:  Possible. 



Visual Poet, Deborah Young honors TWU with Texas Woman’s University National Recognition Rankings YouTube Video


                               Super Bowl XLII, the ultimate football spree

                               The Sack-Attack Kings vs. the Dynamic Dudes of Destiny

                               The Patriots, seemingly invincible; pure perfection

                               The Giants, incredible road warriors of distinction

                               Patriots, the expected favorites, the undefeated

                               Giants, the underdogs; assumed unlikely to be Super Bowl seated

                               The Patriots hailed with Tom Brady as the NFL MVP

                               The Giants stood with Eli Manning, QB with the accuracy, recipe

                               The Patriots worked hard to call Feb 3rd their day

                               But, the Giants counteracted any and all, a fancy play

                               The Patriots were rough, tough and ready

                               Yet, the Giants held their own; rock, steady

                               In the end, the Giants emerged champions; 17-14, ooh wee


                               Excerpt from 2008, Super Bowl XLII, The Clashing Of Formidable Foes

                               Copyright by Deborah Young




Visual Poetry





                     Determination  Visual Poem





Excerpt:  ...Misunderstood, yet, she stands 



Discounted, yet, she stands 



Rejected, yet, she stands 



She stands, stands, wiser 



She stands, stands, stronger...




Copyright by Deborah Young



A poem depicting a woman's strength and resilience






          Visual Poetry




                My Heart, I Extend Visual Poem - Antique Key



My heart, lock and key              

I hastily, will surrender

Excerpt from My Heart I Extend


Copyright Deborah Young               




Visual Poetry

New Orleans, The Big Easy, Savor The Flavor Visual Poem - Big Bowl






New Orleans, so many memories linger, everywhere



Nothing else, can ever, compare



It may be the city, resting in a bowl



It will live on with all of that, soothing jazz, stronghold



It will live on, with all of that trinity seasoned, authentic, artistic, spicy foods



West African, Cajun and Creole



In The Big Easy, The Crescent City, the people and the music



Will remain the true quintessential, forever, told... 



Copyright by Deborah Young


A poem to honor the unique people, jazz and traditions of New Orleans




Excerpt from New Orleans, The Big Easy, Savor The Flavor     











An Abbreviated List Of Deborah Young's Poetic Portraits




You Left, Too Soon an ode to a deceased mother


Godspeed, Father Dear a memorial to a deceased father


Momma a poem to honor a unique mother


The Daddy a poem to honor a courageous father


My Brother, The Doctor With The Gigantic Heart a poem to honor God's true Angel of Mercy, a genuinely, compassionate brother


Godspeed, Julius a poem to honor a deceased uncle


Hooray For Hollywood, Unique A-Listers Outweigh a poem to honor those who represent Hollywood with talent, sophistication, versatility and grace


Y&R, The Young and the Restless, Acting At Its Best; Yes a poem to honor the dramatic realism of the Young and the Restless


2008, Super Bowl XLII, The Clashing Of Formidable Foes poem to honor the New York Giants and New England Patriots


2007, NFL Super Bowl History-Making Victory a poem to honor Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith as the first African American Super Bowl head coaches and the Indianapolis Colts impressive win


President George W. Bush, Stood Firm With A Unique Term a poem, presidential poetic portrait to honor the first term as President of the United States


President Clinton, Recognize Rather Than Pulverize a poem, presidential poetic portrait to honor the 42nd United States President's eight years in office


Maneuvering the Zoo, TWU a poem remembering days at Texas Woman's University


John Thomas Biggers  a poem about the famed African American mural painter


Juneteenth Irony  a poem about the price of slavery and freedom


Tuskegee Airmen  a poem about African American airmen, the Tuskegee Airmen


Jack Johnson a poem honoring the world's first African American heavyweight, boxing champion




© Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


Copyright laws does, protect Deborah Young's works; therefore, they may not be used, copied, distributed, etc., without written, notarized permission from Deborah Young.  Please respect Deborah Young's copyrights so as to avoid swift, costly, legal actions.  Contact Visual Poet