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Deborah Young's poetry is uniquely interesting, in that, poems are woven with wisdom, inspiration, excitement, politics, historical facts, passion, and humor, etc.   Deborah Young creates awesome free verse poetry, dramatic poetry, lyric poetry and narrative poetry.  Deborah Young joins American Poets and Visual Poets in celebrating April as National Poetry Month, read Visual Poet's Thirty, 30 Days of National Poetry Month


Visual Poet is encouraging everyone to conserve and plan for an existence that is not so dependent upon oil.  Check out Peak Oil Is Real; Mayday, Mayday YouTube Video


Visual Poet, Deborah Young honors TWU with Texas Woman’s University National Recognition Rankings YouTube Video



Quote of the Day:  Make informed decisions that are easy to revise

                                  For, life is a series of tides that sporadically, fall and rise... 

                                                                                     Deborah Young, Visual Poet Quote






Visual Poetry Image



Mayday, Mayday; Peak Oil Is A Reality; Conserve And Plan For Simplicity Visual Poem - Peak


...Mayday, Mayday, Peak Oil is real; planning will surely avoid demise

Make no mistake; to do nothing would be irresponsible and unwise

Firm, decisive actions must be taken, long before the peak

Genuine government interventions must be detailed and unique

Those startling distress signals are not just a pack of lies

We would be sensible to stop, think, recognize and realize

Fuh true, scores of drastic adjustments are set to occur, internationally; afar

Shifts will be obvious in residencies, industry and transportation; in particular

Supply and demand will require close monitoring; state of the art

Dependence upon fossil fuels should no longer be chic and smart

Producing food for fuel must be reconsidered or lives will disintegrate

Lack of oil will regulate and cause some to regroup and relocate

Rest assured, the difficulties of yesterday are for the most part; looming, incognito

And, dwindling oil supplies are slowly erasing, the possibilities of tomorrow

Don't trust the sugar coated reports; for, all ain't, status quo

Mayday, Mayday; God help us bypass the dicey, undertow...


Excerpt from Mayday, Mayday; Peak Oil Is A Reality; Conserve And Plan For Simplicity

Copyright by Deborah Young


Poem calling for all to conserve and plan for an existence that is not so dependent upon oil




Visual Poetry Image


Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings Bust on Stand - Visual Poem


The Natchez Boomer Siblings; that incredible eight

Born with dynamic God-given talents; to accentuate

It was reliance upon wit, trial and error; no matter the plight

Believe it; creativity propelled problem-solving and ignited insight

And, true faith in God; always reigned; clean, out right

For years, never-ending struggles set the stage for each Boomers journey

Many lessons were learned about life's ups, downs and harsh reality

The valiant Boomers forged careers and a survival tool

Anchored with morals, intelligence and resilience; ever so, cool

Yes, Boomers; you devised lives with a distinctive, regime

The Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings with notable, self-esteem

Thus, a Bust on Stand; eternally honors your tenacity, as supreme


Excerpt from Natchez Eight, Baby Boomer Siblings

Copyright Deborah Young


Poem honoring eight, unique Natchez, Mississippi Baby Boomer siblings



Arthritis, Go On; Get Out 'uh Here; We've, Got The Victory


 ...Sure enough, arthritis, you're a condition that long ago, made a debut

 Now, you think you're in control and listed in the NMA, AMA Who's Who

 For years you lead the assault, just as free as you please

 But, lately, better methods have rallied, to seize your disease

 Don't you count that forty-six million as the start of a coup d'e'tat

 'Cause, DMARDs, NSAIDs and Cox-2 inhibitors, outwits your melee, phenomena

 Just so you know; our independence, you'll never, own

 Our future is not bleak and blown

 Hope and determination sets the tone

 Arthritis, you're fired as the mad, menacing puppeteer

 Listen up; you vicious annihilator; get out of here

 "Poof", "Be Gone", "Disappear"


Excerpt from Arthritis, Go On; Get Out 'uh Here; We've, Got The Victory

Copyright by Deborah Young                   

Poem to encourage those who are living with arthritis








       Visual Poetry Image





            Daddy  Visual Poem - Daddy                


Excerpt:  ...All men will be measured by you

You, standing tall and handsome, as you do

You, setting standards, good, bad, or even, new...

Copyright by Deborah Young


Poem focusing on dads influence on daughters




The author, Deborah Young dedicates Daddy visual poetry to National Basketball Association - NBA, National Football League - NFL, Major League Baseball - MLB and celebrity fathers of daughters.










Visual Poetry Image



Mother, A Lady, So Uniquely Rare  Visual Poem - Mother


Excerpt:  ...Mother, never, will she ever compare

A mother is surely, the lady full of divine strength and patience, so uniquely, rare...

Copyright by Deborah Young


A poem honoring the extraordinary qualities of mothers  






                                                                                                                                       Visual Poetry Image




        Hooray For Hollywood, Unique A-Listers Outweigh  Visual Poem



Excerpt:  ...Their only dramas are proudly played out on the big screen

With impressive, bold, thespian diplomacy 

And, if the Academy Award is presented

Then, that Oscar, symbolizes excellent work and an endorsed reality 

And, let us not forget those who so clearly portray a commitment, goodwill and empathy...

Copyright by Deborah Young


A poem to honor celebrities who represent Hollywood with talent, sophistication, versatility and grace  




An Abbreviated List Of Deborah Young's Poetry


Christ, You Wonderful, You poem of heavenly thankfulness


Mayday, Mayday; Peak Oil Is A Reality; Conserve And Plan For Simplicity poem calling for all to stop, think, conserve and plan for an existence that is not so dependent upon oil.  Check out United States Government Accountability Office - GAO Crude Oil Report 


Arthritis, Go On; Get Out 'uh Here; We've, Got The Victory poem to encourage those who are living with arthritis


Deacons for Defense and Justice; Civil Rights Warriors; Brothers, Badass Bold poem to honor the armed self defense organization of African American men, the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement


Maneuvering the Zoo, TWU; a poem remembering days at Texas Woman's University


Social Workers Creed poem to honor National Professional Social Work Month and Social Workers who adhere to Social Workers Code of Conduct and National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics


2008, Super Bowl XLII, The Clashing Of Formidable Foes poem to honor the New York Giants and New England Patriots


New Orleans, "The Big Easy", Savor The Flavor poem to honor the unique people, jazz and traditions of New Orleans


Hollywood, CA, It's A New Day poem to highlight the atmosphere of Hollywood in the past as compared to Hollywood today


The Coffle Song poem of remembrance of the horrendous experiences of so many souls sold into slavery


Stamp Out The Home Health Heaven, Windfall poem calling for Americans to recognize and put a stop to the constant, fraudulent Medicare billing


The Poop-Scoop Pledge poem, poetic oath to eliminate human health risks by scooping and properly discarding dog poop


Boomers Baby Boomers  poem honoring baby boomers coming of age


No Mo' Rhythm's Beat, The Rhythm Night Club poem to honor the Victims of the Rhythm Night Club fire in Natchez, Mississippi, 1940


The Baby Boomers Creed poem honoring baby boomers contributions to society


Recovery Road poem to encourage a life free of drugs


Oh Brothers, Oh Sistuhs  poem of challenge to deal with the HIV, AIDS epidemic


George and Agnes:  A True Natchez Love Connection poem honoring  love between a man and woman held in slavery in Natchez, Mississippi during the early 1800s


Time  poem to honor the wisdom of patience




© Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


Copyright laws does, protect Deborah Young's works; therefore, they may not be used, copied, distributed, etc., without written, notarized permission from Deborah Young.  Please respect Deborah Young's copyrights so as to avoid swift, costly, legal actions.  Contact Visual Poet